If you need to sell a home in Myrtle Beach, we are here to help.
Interested in listing your property?  We would love to represent you.  Our company lists land, new construction and existing properties.  We have many contacts through the industry would love to have the chance to promote your property.  Among benefits of working with Carolina Bays Real Estate:

With years of home building industry knowledge and Master Builder designation, we have knowledge of home specifications and lot features that few firms can compare to.  We incorporate these expertise into getting extra value for your property and maximizing interest for prospective buyers.
From our first property visit we take time to identify these features and factor them into your CMA.
The most important step in listing your property is in giving you good information regarding the value of your property.  After identifying the specific features of your property, we do a CMA (a Comparative Market Analysis) to come up with a fair value for your home.  This involves looking at recently sold properties of a similar nature as well as other properties on the market.  Of course, the listing price is ultimately your decision - but we give you quality information in making your decision.
Your property will be listed on the MLS - which is one of the most valuable tools in selling your property.  We also have your listing on www.realtor.com and our company website.  We also have many relationships with local businesses to expand the chances of getting your property shown to interested buyers.  If you are willing, we will also do periodic Open Houses on your property.  We create quality hand outs with information on your house to leave an impression with prospective buyers.
We work for you and we take that very seriously.  Our firm listens to our clients and does its best to make sure that they are comfortable during the process of selling their property.  That means that we will always give honest information and make our best attempts to sell your property while still listening to your needs and concerns as a client.  When we are laying out our marketing plans with you, we will talk about your comfort level with everything from advertising, to open houses, to yards signs.  It's ultimately your decision.
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